I was endorsed by the Albany Democratic Club, the Albany Teachers Association and the Alameda County Democrats. You can read more about me.

The Albany Teachers’ Choice

I am honored to be endorsed by the Albany Teachers along with two great candidates – Brian Doss and Clementina Durón – who will bring much-needed vision, diversity, experience, and leadership to Albany’s school board. Together we can rebuild trust between the board, teachers, staff, and parents and bring strong governance and collaboration to Albany at a time of budget uncertainty.

The following members of the community have endorsed my campaign for Albany School Board. Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.

Want to add your name to the list? Just send me an email:

Albany Teachers Association
Albany Democratic Club
Alameda County Democratic Party

Local officials:
Marge Atkinson, former Mayor and Member, Albany City Council
Preston Jordan, City of Albany Charter Review Committee
Nick Pilch, Albany City Council
Britt Tanner, former Chair of Parks and Recreation Commission
Miriam Walden, former President of Albany Board of Education

Albany residents:

Brigid Acuña Kennedy
Laura Alie
Rachel Anderson
Teleli Brito
Glenn Brown
Jeanne Cajina
Cathy Cha
Jean Cheng
Ray Colmenar
Lisa Costa
Jessica Cross
Karen DeHart
Greg Denny
Diane Downs
Lisa Costa
Ping Fahn
Patty Fujiwara
Megan Gadsby
Gabrielle Galvarro
Evan Green
Ann Griffith

Monica Haywood
Ben Hensler
Marie Hopper
Linda Kaiser
Sean Krazit
Eric Larson
Karen Larson
Deborah Lee
Gillian Leslie
Sara Marcellino
Melinda Martinez
Julia Harumi Mass
June McDaniels
Jack Morton
Stephen Naiff
Kevin Newman
Dara O’Rourke
Edwin Park
Alene Pearson
Barrie Quan
Ebba de la Rosa

Jesse Rothstein
Payal Sampat
Lourdes Sampayo
Jordan Sampietro
Sara Shallcross
Rachel Sarah
Eveline Shen
Amy Smolens
Stacy Uyeda
Jennifer Vella
Bonnie Wolf
Kim Wolf
Sarah Xu
Julie Ann Winkelstein
Sylvia Yee
Dina Yoo
Suzanne Zalev
Anne Marie Zolfaghari