Why I ran for school board

First, I believe I can improve transparency and help rebuild trust between the board, teachers, parents, and students. I have spent most of my career and community life organizing and building teams to solve problems, working to make people feel heard and involved in decision-making. We have an active parent community and a terrific teaching staff, but trust is easily eroded when decision processes are opaque and confusing.

Second, as both an educator and a parent, I am troubled by the persistent gap in educational outcomes between different groups of students in Albany. We can’t just champion diversity – we need to make meaningful progress towards equity and inclusion. This includes making sure that all students feel safe and valued at school. Incidents at Albany over the past couple of years have demonstrated that we have more work to do together to create the community we all want.

Finally, I am troubled by the looming budget deficit and the confusion created by the district’s decision-making process over the past year. I have experience both managing large organizational budgets and understanding the complexities of education finance. I can condense complex financial scenarios into explanations people can understand. I want to ensure that the board is equipped to make difficult decisions with good data, and that we have a budget process that encourages meaningful participation by the community.

Together with the Albany Teachers Association, I am committed to the following:

  • Our entire school community benefits when our schools have a racially diverse student body.
  • We all need to do more to ensure that all students are safe and supported regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, sexuality or ability.
  • Our school staff should reflect the racial diversity of our student body. We need to develop and implement strategies to recruit and support teachers, counselors, classroom aides and coaches from communities of color.
  • The AUSD budget should prioritize direct student support and the recruitment / retention of experienced staff in the classroom.
  • Decisions should be made in a transparent and collaborative way, prioritizing the voices of teachers, families and students. The best outcomes only come when we are genuinely working together.

I have archived my campaign page, but you can see it here